Phase I clinical trial - Gynécologie - Col utérus

NiCOL (IC 2016-08)
Gynécologie - Col utérus
Ouvert depuis le: 08.22.2019
Site: Paris
Ouvert depuis le: 12.04.2017
Site: Saint-Cloud
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A phase-I study of nivolumab in association with radiotherapy and cisplatin in locally advanced cervical cancers followed by adjuvant nivolumab for up to 6 months
Description de l'essai

To date, the majority of clinical trials on checkpoint inhibitors have tested these agents as monotherapy, and the next logical step is to evaluate rational therapeutic associations. The aim of the NiCOL study is to assess the safety of nivolumab in association with chemoradiation therapy and to gain initial insight into its efficacy in association with the current standard of care, including chemoradiation.