Physical Chemistry Seminar
6 April

Curvature-Dependent Self-Organization in Cellular Systems

Le 6 April - 11h-12h

The plasma membrane is continuously deformed inwardly and outwardly by a wide range of intracellular and intercellular forces. In response to such nanoscale deformations, curvature-sensitive signaling molecules enrich at these curved membrane sites. Strikingly, some of the recruited molecules not only sense but also modify forces at the PM, forming self-organizing circuits at curved cellular membranes. My group investigates the fundamental cell biological questions how distinct curvature-dependent signaling units are formed, and what aspects of single and collective cell dynamics are controlled by these dynamic self-organizing structures. To unravel this type of signaling, we combine advanced microscopy, quantitative image analysis, nanofabrication and biophysical approaches with cell and tissue biology, to formulate quantitative numerical models. In this talk, I will summarize our recent conceptual and experimental advances on this universal, yet largely unresolved, signaling principle of life. 
Hybrid Seminar at Amphi Curie and on Teams

Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics, University of Münster, Germany
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