Physical Chemistry Seminar
20 January

Transport and dynamics of E.coli bacteria at the microscale

Le 20 January - 11h-12h

Understanding the properties of bacterial suspension is crucial for both applications and fundamental purposes. In this seminar, I will talk about the transport properties of Escherichia Coli bacteria in suspension. To probe those properties I used a 3D lagrangian tracking device able to follow bacteria in 3D and access their microscale behaviors over long times and large spatial extends. E.coli moves by making sequences of straight run intercepted by abrupt reorientations. We will first revisit this « run and tumble » statistic showing the importance of the internal fluctuations of a protein. We will then see how this statistics governs the exchange of bacteria between surfaces and the bulk. Finally, we will focus on the dynamics of individual bacteria under flow.

Seminar on Teams

Department of Condensed Matter Physics, University of Barcelona
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