LifeTimeFET Flagship Program

The LifeTime consortium was successful in securing the funding for the preparatory action for a FET Flagship within the H2020 program. 

However, within the Horizon Europe, we are at a transition. Programs have changed, and the FET Flagship programs, as such, have been cancelled. Nevertheless, the interest in the LifeTime initiative remains and should be a springboard for future funding opportunities within Europe or within the member states or with industry.

Our efforts to revolutionize personalized medicine remain up to date, but with a different type of target. The deliverables relevant for the development of the vision proposed in the project remain essential to define a strong roadmap. In parallel, we are currently exploring strategies to secure funding by various means. In this context, a coherent approach is necessary, working with you is paramount, and informing you about all the forthcoming key events, where you could contribute, is essential. It is essential for the community to express its needs. Find below the forthcoming key events with their topics.

11th October 2019: PMS Epigenetics / Institut Curie-Annexes Burg, 14:00

Of relevance to a broad community at Institut Curie.

You will hear Geneviève Almouzni, co-coordinator of the LifeTimeFET Flagship presenting an update on LifeTime and its future with the focus on Institut Curie. Please join us to participate in this discussion.

Key technologies include single-cell genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics and proteomics; organoid culture as disease models; artificial intelligence in medicine and personalized healthcare.

Céline Vallot will provide insight about single-cell technologies available at Institut Curie, and the links with LifeTime along with examples of scientific outcome from her own research team.

Representatives and users of the platform will be there to answer your questions.

Everyone interested in single-cell technologies, in their various contexts, is encouraged to join this meeting.

This event is open to everyone.

14th-15th October 2019: LifeTime Midterm meeting / Institut Curie, Paris

The LifeTime team recently met in Paris, to discuss the present and the future of the project.

The LifeTime Midterm Meeting started on the 14th of October with an opening cocktail. We had the pleasure to have many LifeTime supporters with us, including CNRS, INSERM and the Germany Embassy, as well as many Curie advocates and partners.


Frédéric Boccard (left), scientific assistant director of the CNRS, proclaimed his support for LifeTime.


The meeting continued on the 15th of October, with Alain Puisieux (right), director of the Institut Curie Research Center, highlighting the importance of LifeTime in Europe and at Institut Curie.

The LifeTime community discussed the developments achieved in each of the different work packages, and discussions on the strategic views for the future of the consortium. The concept of cell centers and the LifeTime publications were at the heart of this discussion. We also had the pleasure to host exciting scientific seminars by Magda Bienko (SciLifeLab, Karolinska Institute), Jan Korbel (EMBL), Olivier Delattre (Institut Curie), Patrik Verstreken (VIB), and Helmuth Gehart (Ubrecht Institute).

15th October 2019: Aviesan “Cellimageomics: Leveraging multiple single-cell comics and imaging in life sciences” @Auditorium Biopark Paris 13ème

The Aviesan Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics Institute is part of the LifeTime initiative, and is hosting a meeting on Single Cell Technologies in Paris.

This meeting will run parallel to the LifeTime Midterm meeting, and is open to everyone (please see registration link below).


It is a one-day workshop, with the presence of several LifeTimers including Céline Vallot, Leïla Perié and Alexander van Oudenaarden.

Please visit this page for more information and for registration. This event is open, but registration is mandatory.

16th-17th October: LifeTime Disease workshop, Institut Curie, Paris

Right after the Midterm Meeting, the LifeTime team will meet to identify disease applications where LifeTime can be most impactful for patients.

This workshop will gather members of the disease working groups, which include: cancer, neurological/neuropsychiatric diseases, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases.

The Disease Workshop is closed to the LifeTime team. We will update you on the outcomes and decisions of this meeting.

23rd October: Paris Accord for Science Communication with Fondation Ipsen and National Press Foundation

The National Press Foundation and Fondation Ipsen are organizing an event where journalists from the world leading press will focus on accurate and informative science communication. This four-day training will bring journalists and scientists together with a common goal of improving the quality of science coverage in the media.

press coverage

Journalists from New York Times, CNN, The National Geographic, Le Monde, among many other world-leading publications, will visit Curie. Their program will include a visit to the Curie Museum, followed by a meeting with the LifeTime Team and some Curie scientists including: Danijela Vignjevic, Stéphanie Descroix, Leïla Périé, Sergio Roman-Roman and Emanuela Romano.

31st October 2019: LifeTime meets Industry @Basel, Switzerland

The LifeTime community will meet all interested industry partners, to define industry strategies. Over 100 industry partners have been invited.


This meeting is organised by the leaders of the Work Package 7: Jan Ellenberg, Susan Gasser and Joachim Schulze, together with the industry partners Salah-Dine Chibout and Jonathan Moggs.

We are aiming to have not just an audience, but participants: attendees will be encouraged to share opinions and suggestions, in an informal context.

Registration is mandatory. For more information and registration, please go on this page