Engineer position (M/F) in Molecular Biology

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Centre de Recherche
Institut Curie Research CenterInstitut Curie is a major player in the research and fight against cancer. It consists of a Hospital group and a Research Center and carries out clinical, transfer and basic research (from physics to biology). The Research Center includes more than 1000 employees with a strong international representativeness; English is the commonly used language in the institute. Institut Curie has various high-quality platforms (e.g., omics, bioinformatics, CRISPR, imaging, cell screening, chemical library, in vivo investigation, tumor collections, etc.).

Host laboratory

The host lab (Inserm U1278, “RNA biology, signaling and cancer”, is interested in RNA biology (i.e., [alternative] splicing and polyadenylation, translation, RNA-binding proteins) in the context of cancer, especially in cell response/ resistance to genotoxic and targeted anticancer agents (Cerezo et al., Nat Med 2018; Shen et al., Nat Commun 2019; Tanaka et al., Nucl Acids Res 2020; Dutertre et al., TIBS 2021; Fabbri et al., Nat Rev Cancer 2021; Chakraborty et al., Genome Res 2022; Sfaxi et al., EMBO J 2023). The team includes 4 permanent researchers, 6 engineers, 2 postdocs and 5 PhD students, and is part of the “Genome integrity, RNA and cancer” Unit (UMR-3348 CNRS).


The hired engineer will work on an INCa-funded project that links alternative splicing, microproteins and cancer, and that is based on a study recently deposited in bioRxiv (


Training and Skills required

-          Training: Candidates must hold a Master’s degree in molecular biology or a related field.

-          Scientific skills and expertise: Expertise and skills in molecular biology are required. Expertise in RNA biology or microproteins is desirable.

-          Language skills: English.



-          Ability to design and carry out molecular biology experiments.

-          Ability to interprete, discuss and communicate experimental data.

-          Ability to work in a team.


All our opportunities are open to people with disabilities



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