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The “Institut Curie” is a major player in the research and fight against cancer. It consists of a hospital and a of more than 1000 employees with a strong international representativeness.
The objective of the Curie Institute Research Center is to develop basic research and to use the knowledge produced to improve the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutics of cancers as part of the continuum between basic research and innovation serving the patient.

Located in the center of Paris, the Research Center is an internationally renowned research institution bringing together physicists, biologists, clinicians, chemists, and bioinformaticians.

Job description

  • Laboratory

The Mechanics and Genetics of Embryonic and Tumoral Development lab studies how tumor growth pressure mechanically perturbs tissue biochemistry in leading to tumor progression amplification:

  • Missions 

The candidate will participate to the study of the underlying molecular and cellular processes involved by using mice as a model, combined with biophysical methodologies of tissue magnetization in vivo for magnetic mimicking of physiological and pathological mechanical strains, with state-of-the-art histo-immunochemistry, RNAseq and proteomic approaches in collaboration with the Institut Curie biomedical investigative Pathex and Translational Research department.


Candidate profile

  • Training and experience

Prior experience with molecular and cell biology is essential.

Strong interest in cancer biology is important.

  • Skills

The ability to work as part of an international team is required. Strong communication and organization skills.


Contract information

  • Type of contract: Fixed-term contract
  • Starting date: As soon as possible
  • Duration: 12 months initially
  • Working time: Full time
  • Remuneration: According to the current grids
  • Benefits: Collective catering, reimbursement of transportation fees up to 50%, complementary health insurance
  • Location of the position: Paris



Please send your CV, letter of motivation and 3 references, to Emmanuel Farge at


All our opportunities are open to people with disabilities.

Institut Curie is an inclusive, equal opportunity employer

and is dedicated to the highest standards of research integrity.


Publication date: 08 june 2022

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