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Cell biology
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I am working on the response of the nucleus under mechanical constraints in mammalian cells, using the 6-well plate confiner developed by the lab.

Compromised nuclear envelope integrity drives TREX1-dependent DNA damage and tumor cell invasion
Guilherme Pedreira de Freitas Nader, Sonia Agüera-Gonzalez, Fiona Routet, Matthieu Gratia, Mathieu Maurin, Valeria Cancila, Clotilde Cadart, Andrea Palamidessi, Rodrigo Nalio Ramos, Mabel San Roman, Matteo Gentili, Ayako Yamada, Alice Williart, Catalina Lodillinsky, Emilie Lagoutte, Catherine Villard, Jean-Louis Viovy, Claudio Tripodo, Jérôme Galon, Giorgio Scita, Nicolas Manel, Philippe Chavrier, Matthieu Piel
Nuclear fragility, blaming the blebs
Current Opinion in Cell Biology
Nishit Srivastava, Guilherme Pedreira de Freitas Nader, Alice Williart, Romain Rollin, Damien Cuvelier, Alexis Lomakin, Matthieu Piel