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Pôle de médecine diagnostique et théranostique
Hôpital : Paris, Saint-Cloud

Dr Anika Bensen is a medical gynecologist specializing in oncology, oncofertility and oncogenetics. She has experience in the treatment of breast cancers and gynecological cancers (ovarian, cervical and uterine).

She consults for oncofertility prior to chemotherapy or hormone therapy to discuss how to preserve women’s fertility before these treatments. Her consultations are specialized in dealing with the possible gynecological side effects of hormone therapy.

Dr Bensen monitors women at genetic risk as part of the “FAR” network for patients with or without cancer. She also consults on oncogenetics at Institut Curie at the St Cloud site (family predisposition to breast and ovarian cancers).

She is involved in several clinical and translational research projects seeking to improve the treatment of breast cancer and gynecological tumors.