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I am a clinical biochemist and PhD specialized in immunology. I did my undergraduate, and PhD at the National University of Córdoba-Argentina and joined the Institut Curie in 2017 to study tumor immunology with a translational goal. I am developing my post-doctoral project in Eliane Piaggio's group, alongside our bioinformaticians Wilfrid Richer and Yoann Missolo. Our project aims to discover the characteristics of tumor-specific Tregs and to prove the role of lymph nodes in cancer immunity using single cell OMICS. In trying to bring our science to the clinic, I also participated in a target discovery platform unveiling new Tregs therapeutic targets (now followed by Egle Therapeutics, a spin-out from Institut Curie). In addition, I had the chance to collaborate on several projects within the Institute or with great external scientists. In my career, I have learned a lot so far but I still have so much to learn! I hope to remain curious, persevering, humble, collaborative and grateful enough to continue this adventure.


Splicing Patterns in SF3B1-Mutated Uveal Melanoma Generate Shared Immunogenic Tumor-Specific Neoepitopes
Cancer Discovery
Jeremy Bigot, Ana I. Lalanne, Francesca Lucibello, Paul Gueguen, Alexandre Houy, Stephane Dayot, Olivier Ganier, Jules Gilet, Jimena Tosello, Fariba Nemati, Gaelle Pierron, Joshua J. Waterfall, Raymond Barnhill, Sophie Gardrat, Sophie Piperno-Neumann, Tatiana Popova, Vanessa Masson, Damarys Loew, Pascale Mariani, Nathalie Cassoux, Sebastian Amigorena, Manuel Rodrigues, Samar Alsafadi, Marc-Henri Stern, Olivier Lantz
Clonally Expanded T Cells Reveal Immunogenicity of Rhabdoid Tumors
Cancer Cell
Amaury Leruste, Jimena Tosello, Rodrigo Nalio Ramos, Arnault Tauziède-Espariat, Solène Brohard, Zhi-Yan Han, Kevin Beccaria, Mamy Andrianteranagna, Pamela Caudana, Jovan Nikolic, Céline Chauvin, Leticia Laura Niborski, Valeria Manriquez, Wilfrid Richer, Julien Masliah-Planchon, Sandrine Grossetête-Lalami, Mylene Bohec, Sonia Lameiras, Sylvain Baulande, Celio Pouponnot, Aurore Coulomb, Louise Galmiche, Didier Surdez, Nicolas Servant, Julie Helft, Christine Sedlik, Stéphanie Puget, Philippe Benaroch, Olivier Delattre, Joshua J. Waterfall, Eliane Piaggio, Franck Bourdeaut