Hôpital - Paris
Spécialités / domaines
Functions within Institut Curie:
  • Practitioner
    Imagerie Médicale - Radiodiagnostic

Dr Benchimol is a radiologist specializing in breast and osteoarticular imaging. Within the imaging department, he is involved in diagnosis (interpretation of x-rays, mammograms, scanners and MRIs) and intervention (breast fine-needle aspiration/biopsy, osteoarticular infiltration, bone biopsies, cement injection).

He has acquired experience in treating soft-tissue tumors, within the French NetSarc network. He is involved in research (scientific publications and communications) within the department.

Dr Benchimol is head of development of extra-vertebral cementoplasty at Institut Curie (pelvis, flat bones, long bones). This technique consists of injecting cement under radiological control into secondary hyperalgesic bone lesions, especially in weight-bearing areas (cup). Often, this provides pain relief (at least partial, sometimes complete) and significantly improves the quality of life for these patients.