Phase II clinical trial - Pédiatrie Sarcomes

Pédiatrie Sarcomes
Essai clinique fermé
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First-line Treatment of Ewing Tumours With Primary Extrapulmonary Dissemination in Patients From 2 to 50 Years
Description de l'essai
Phase II multicentric, non-comparative and non-randomized trial, which evaluates a new treatment strategy for patients aged from 2 to 50 years and newly diagnosed with primary metastatic Ewing sarcoma family of tumours exhibiting extrapulmonary metastases.;The new treatment strategy comprises the following four sequences: intensified and response-based induction, local treatment as appropriate, high-dose BuMel consolidation chemotherapy followed by autologous PBSC support, and a 2-year maintenance treatment with metronomic chemotherapy.;The study overall aim is to establish this schedule as backbone chemotherapy for the evaluation of new therapeutic strategies, including molecular therapies and new approaches that will emerge in the forthcoming years.
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