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Welcome to the crazy ADIC calendar

Here, you can find all the past and future activities that are going on in ADIC

This is the perfect way not to miss: Ratatouille or ReSiPi seminars; the next YRLS, Forum Biotechno or Petit Déjeuner happening in 2020; Post-docs meetings; all the social activities and happy fridays that are coming very soon; the french classes oh la la; or our great Young Scientists Retreat in September 2019! Stay tuned! 



Up-coming events: 

  • 16 September 2019: Next Special ReSiPi event in Orsay: "Communicating Scientific Concepts Through Art", held by Dr. Beata Edyta Mierzwa, a Scientist and an Artist who could successfully bridge these two apparently distant fields to fulfill one of the most important aspect of science: communication of concepts. Check our flyer!