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Find the answer to most of the questions asked by international patients, before, during and after their stay at Institut Curie.

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For more information you can reach the international department team by email: or by phone +33 (0) 1 76 49 13 01.


  1. How do I contact Institut Curie for the first time and send my medical file?

Institut Curie has set up a web platform dedicated to international patients.

Wherever you are in the world, with the digital transfer of your medical records, you can request a medical opinion, treatment or a sample analysis via this platform, available here.

The international patient admission and support person is available to help you if needed and to answer any questions.

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  1. How do i seek treatment at Institut Curie ?

Receiving cancer treatment in an unfamiliar country, where you do not speak the language and the administrative red tape may seem complicated, can be stressful.

Institut Curie has a dedicated international patient department with a multilingual team who will support you from submission of your medical file and throughout your stay. It comprises physicians, an admission and support person, course of care coordinators, a supervisor and financial management officer.

Special tools and partnerships have been developed to support you throughout your course of care.

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  1. Where can I find accommodation in Paris, Saint Cloud or Orsay?

You can stay in a hotel or an apartment. Families of sick children treated at Institut Curie can stay at the “Maison des Parents” in Paris.

Special prices and services have been negotiated for you and your caregivers in hotels in Paris, Saint-Cloud and Orsay (Institut Curie’s three sites).

The international patient supervisor is available to help you search for accommodation to suit your needs and help you with the complex administrative formalities involved with renting housing.



  1. How much do treatments cost?

The cost of treatment varies from one patient to another. The international patient course of care coordinator will be able to establish an initial estimate based on the care protocol recommended by the medical team.

The estimate submitted will be as accurate as possible so that you don’t subsequently have unexpected expenses.

However, additional estimates may be produced depending on how your disease and health situation evolve.

Note that estimates forwarded by the coordinators concern only care given at Institut Curie. An additional budget is needed for any medications to be purchased in retail pharmacies or any care to be given at home by an independent nurse.


  1. Est-ce possible d’obtenir un tarif préférentiel ? Is it possible to obtain a special rate ? 

Unfortunately we are unable to offer discounts. Prices are the same for all patients.


  1. How do I finance my treatment at Institut Curie ? 

There are three options:

  • Option 1: I’m paying my own costs, what do I do? Can I pay the treatment estimate in instalments?

The total amount of the treatment estimate submitted by the coordinator must be paid in fill at the latest eight days before start of treatment via bank transfer. Payment instalments are not accepted.

In the event that the final bill is lower than the initial estimate, Institut Curie will refund the payor within two months following the end of treatment via bank transfer only to the payor’s account.

Remember to give your bank account details to the course of care coordinator.

Important: the treatment estimate is drawn up with respect to the medical information known at the time it is produced and the daily service rates in force.

Additional estimates may be sent depending on your course of care (development of the disease, change of protocol, etc.).


  • Option 2 : I am covered by a paying institution (insurance company, embassy, etc.), what should I do? Who can help me obtain and possibly extend coverage from my paying institution (insurance company, embassy, etc.)?

The international patient course of care coordinator will provide you with a treatment estimate and on request the reports and medical certificates that you may need to obtain approval for coverage by your paying institution.

The procedure is the same to extend the financial coverage.

The international patient financial management coordinator can help you in the formalities with your paying institution on written request from you.


  • Option 3

The international patient course of care coordinator will give you an estimate for your treatment and if necessary a medical certificate so that you can request the following:

  • an S2 form (or E112) from the health insurance body in your country
  • an approval of coverage from the minister for health in your country



  1. How do I access my appointments?


Your course of care coordinator will send you the first appointments scheduled to begin your treatment.

Thereafter you can contact your physician’s medical secretary who will inform you about your course of care or your next appointments.

You can also use the dedicated “myCurie” application. This is a secure and customized mobile application that lets you view your appointments scheduled at Institut Curie at any time.

The international patient admission and support person is available to help you if needed and to answer any questions about this application.

Important: the French phone number and email address must be the ones that were communicated when you arrived at administrative registration.


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  1. Can I get assistance from an interpreter, and do I have to pay for it ? 

Throughout your treatment, you can access our qualified interpreter services free of charge, available by phone 24/7 or on site in all languages. Simply make the request through your physician’s medical secretary before your appointments or through your course of care coordinator for the first appointment at Institut Curie.

Due to the number of requests, interpreters are not assigned exclusively to the same patient throughout their course of treatment. So you can indeed access interpreter services during your stay.


  1. Where can I pray ? 

Institut Curie does not have a worship facility. However, the international patient support person can give you a list of chapels, mosques and synagogues in the vicinity of your hospital and provide you with useful contacts for each main religion.



  1.  What happens when my treatment is finished ?

When your treatment is over, your physician will give you the schedule of follow-up appointments as well as prescriptions for any future exams. Depending on the case, follow-up may be in your home country or alternating with Institut Curie. It is important to contact your referring physician in your home country when you return home.

The international patient department remains available for any questions.


For any assistance, contact us by phone, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm at +33 (0)1 76 49 13 01

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