What our patients are saying about us


Patients treated at Institut Curie often form close relationships with the medical team and with International Patient Services. They often write to us to share their experience.

Témoignages patients étrangers Institut Curie
Témoignage patiente


Following the detection of my cancer, we turned to Institut Curie in the hope of finding the best facility for treatment.

We are expatriates and were wonderfully looked after by the foreigners' management centre, where we came across a very nice person as a coordinator.

At every moment, every time, she was there in the good and bad times alike, to give us answers and help us to perfectly organise all the logistics of my care. 

Thanks to the organisation of this institution and its people, everything was easier, and this was personally an important part of my recovery.

Responsiveness was the order of the day, every problem was solved, a very very big thank you for all that, it’s becoming more and more difficult to trust others nowadays, yet here we found such satisfaction and serenity.

Sophie and Julien H (her husband)


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Undertaking a long and arduous medical journey in France without a carte vitale, but with insurance - however good it may be – while based in the USA, is a path full of pitfalls for the patient and his family to face, a real and agonising obstacle course.

I am French and my husband has been living in France for many years and for the last 3 years he has been dealing with cancer which has led to a major operation and persistent chemotherapy.

Without the constant help of Institut Curie’s international unit, which manages the successive requests for the necessary care within the various medical units and then ensures the financial follow-up, our life, already complicated by this serious disease, would have been a real hell.

We are extremely grateful for their ongoing, caring and effective support, which complements the exceptional quality of the treatment provided and the attentive care of medical and nursing staff.

Jacqueline and Serge O


Témoignage patiente


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2019 and started exploring my options for surgery. 

We considered Paris and made contacts with three institutions. Upon our arrival in mid-July 2019 we settled on Institut Curie who, in record time, had scheduled Doctor's Visits, tests, and surgery for 9 August!

All went well and I had post-surgery radiotherapy.

I cannot express how efficient, caring and compassionate your team was in shepherding me throughout the time.

I wish you all well and continued success for the benefit of those who need assistance while they are most vulnerable.

Mouna M 


témoignage patients


After my breast cancer recurrence diagnosis, I contacted the International Unit at Institut Curie and transferred them my medical records.

Very quickly, I was offered a care program suited to my situation.

Afterwards, I was assisted in order to facilitate all the administrative procedures in my country (obtaining a visa, etc.) and this support also continued after my arrival in France.

I noticed that I was able to communicate easily with the International Team (by phone, e-mail or on the website) and the medical team as soon as I arrived and throughout my stay.

The medical team made themselves available by answering quickly and efficiently to the questions related to my health and my needs.

I would like to express my gratitude to Institut Curie’s staff for their professionalism and humanity.

Leonie M

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