What our patients are saying about us

Mathilde Regnault
Patients treated at Institut Curie often form close relationships with the medical team and with International Patient Services. They often write to us to share their experience.
Témoignages patients étrangers Institut Curie

When I was traveling in France after receiving radiotherapy in Australia, I experienced some unusual and painful skin reactions. I want to thank the international department team and oncologist at Institut Curie, who went above and beyond our expectations. Thanks to their help, we were able to have the physicians in France communicate with my doctor in Australia so that I could get the necessary care while in France. I’m feeling better now and have been able to start traveling again, Clare and Greg I., Australia.


I contacted the international department to request treatment for my aunt, who had been sent by the CNAM (...).

I really appreciated the support I received to facilitate my aunt’s arrival, the help with administrative tasks, and the management of her medical file. I particularly remember how easy and comfortable it was to communicate via phone or email with the people working in the department, how fast and professional the medical team was in studying her case, and above all, how quickly and transparently information was circulated. Thank you for your unprecedented professionalism and compassion. You have my sincere gratitude, Ms. K., Tunisia

Madame N.

I was completely surprised when I arrived at Institut Curie. First of all, I received a pleasant welcome, and my case was taken on very quickly. The support staff on the international team quickly and clearly explained to us how the procedure would go. We were in constant contact. After several discussions and exchanges of information, my medical file was read and analyzed and a program of treatment for my condition was recommended. I would like to express my complete satisfaction and admiration for the staff of the institute, who really listen to your needs and are always available and responsive, Ms. N, Gabon.

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