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By bringing together all the skills required for the overall care of lung cancer, as well as tumors of the pleura and the mediastinum, at Institut Curie and the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, the Chest Center ensures that all patients have access to innovation at all stages of the disease, from screening and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up. Patients also have access to the medical environment of both structures and a cutting-edge technical platform for medical imaging, biopathology and radiotherapy.

L'Institut du Thorax

What is the Chest Center?

The Curie-Montsouris Chest Center is a center of excellence for patients suffering from lung cancer and other chest diseases, whether with tumor or not. By pooling our skills and expertise from the two Institutes, we provide seamless care, from screening to diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

Each stage of treatment benefits from a multi-disciplinary approach, bringing together all the specialist practitioners to achieve individualized treatment that incorporates all relevant therapies and innovations. The patient files are discussed in a multidisciplinary consultation meeting (RCP) attended by all practitioners at the Chest Center (pneumologists, oncologists, radiotherapists, chest surgeons, radiologists, anatomopathologists, nuclear physicians, anesthesiologists, etc.).

The institute is also involved in teaching and research, both basic and clinical. It offers patients the opportunity to access the latest innovations (medical or surgical) and to take part in clinical trials.


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Treatment options at the Chest Center

The treatment offering at the Chest Center involves the expertise of the departments described below, located on the two Parisian hospital sites at Institut Mutualiste Montsouris and Institut Curie.

Respiratory medicine (Montsouris site)

  • Treatment of respiratory diseases (lung cancer, respiratory failure, infectious diseases, thromboembolic diseases, etc.)
  • Interventional respiratory medicine: rigid bronchoscopy: clearing and placement of tracheobronchial prosthesis
  • Specialized endoscopy: fiberoptic endoscopy, endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS), mini-probe, electro-navigation (pulmonary GPS)
  • Treatment of pleural diseases
  • Functional respiratory explorations

Thoracic Surgery (Montsouris site)

  • Lung-cancer surgery
  • Surgery on tumors of the trachea, the mediastinum (tumors, thymus, cysts, etc.) of the wall and the pleura
  • Surgery on pulmonary metastases
  • Endocrine surgery (thyroid and parathyroid)
  • Chest wall deformation surgery
  • Minimally-invasive surgery: video-assisted (thoracoscopy), robot-assisted, endobronchial electro-navigation assisted (pulmonary GPS) 

Medical thoracic oncology (Curie site)

  • Chemotherapy, targeted therapies, immunotherapy. Treatment is offered in the day hospital with conventional hospitalization, or at the clinical investigation unit.

Radiotherapy (Curie site)

  • Intensity-modulated conformal radiotherapy
  • Tomotherapy and protontherapy
  • Radiotherapy in stereotaxic conditions

Imaging (on both sites)

  • Computed tomography
  • MRI
  • Diagnostic (guided biopsies) and therapeutic (radiofrequency) interventional radiology
  • Nuclear medicine: tomography (PET scan) and scintigraphy

Diagnostic and Theranostic Medicine division (on both sites)

  • Anatomy and pathological cytology
  • Somatic and constitutional genetics
  • Clinical immunology
  • Biological resource center


  • Clinical investigation unit (early trials, therapeutic trials, immunotherapy)
  • Basic research
  • Clinical immunology
  • Biological resource center


Chest Center's Team

Coordinator: Prof. Nicolas GIRARD

Chest Medical Oncology  (Curie Site)

Head: Pr Nicolas GIRARD
Dr Catherine DANIEL
Dr Francesca LUCIBELLO

Radiotherapy (Curie Site)

Head: Dr Sylvie HELFRE

Surgery (Montsouris Site)

Pr Guillaume BODDAERT
Dr Dominique GOSSOT
Dr Alessio MARIOLO (Assistant)
Dr Léa BETSER (Assistante)
Dr Nadia CHEBBI (Assistante)

Respiratory medicine (Montsouris Site)

Head: Dr Raffaele CALIANDRO
Dr Philippe GIRARD
Dr Delphine NATALI
Dr Thibault VIEIRA
Dr Alix NOIZAT (Assistante)
Dr Jean-Marc ORTOLI (Attaché)
Dr Ali ZEGGANE (Attaché)


Institut du thorax Curie - Montsouris

01 84 95 95 00

Institut Curie
26 rue d’Ulm
75005 Paris

Institut Mutualiste Montsouris
42 bd Jourdan
75014 Paris

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