International patient : the steps in your care


Are you an international patient? Find out all the steps of your future medical care and administrative formalities

Chronologie du parcours de prise en charge du patient international

Would you like to seek treatment at Institut Curie? See a video of the different steps in your care and your stay:

Before you arrive in France

► Step 1 : create your file on our web platform

If you would like to make an appointment at Institut Curie, make a request for a medical opinion or sample analysis, simply create an account on our international platform.

You can then reply to an online questionnaire and send us your entire medical file (reports and imaging) translated into French or English.

If you would like to find out what types of cancers are treated at Institut Curie, click here:

Your file will first be received and handled by our admission and support coordinator. She will help you if needed with using the platform and will make sure that your file is complete before forwarding it to the course of care coordinators.

A secure messaging system is available on the platform and communication will take place through this platform or via phone if needed.

Your file cannot be forwarded to the medical team until it is complete.


► Step 2 : study of the file

Once the file is complete, it will be processed by a coordinator who will then become your point-of-contact throughout your course of care.

After the contents of the file have been approved, it will be sent to the relevant physicians to launch the requested analysis (medical opinion or sample analysis).

You will be sent a link to pay the fees for the services, then, depending on the request, you will received the following through the platform:

- Either the report of the multidisciplinary consultation meeting offering an appropriate therapeutic strategy;

- Or the report of the analysis proposing a diagnosis or a confirmation of diagnosis.

► Step 3 : treatment program and financial estimate

Your coordinator will provide you with a financial estimate for the therapeutic strategy proposed by the medical team and will put you in contact with the international patient financial administrator. The coordinator and the administrator will make sure that the cost estimates are paid prior to any treatment or that treatment approval letters have been forwarded to any insurance companies.

She will organize your course of care in coordination with the medical, paramedical and administrative teams, taking into account logistics such as your arrival date.

She will provide you with all the practical information needed (access map, information notice on mandatory samples upon your arrival at the hospital, connection with the international patient support person for logistical coordination and possible accommodation reservations, certificates to help you with administrative formalities such as visa application, etc.)

During your stay in France 

Your coordinator will assess your needs and those of your family by coordinating any concierge services or home care services with dedicated providers.

She will monitor your file throughout your course of care and will send you any new treatment estimates if necessary. Along with the financial administrator, she will ensure that these estimates are paid or that treatment approval letters are sent to any insurance companies.

Your physicians’ medical assistants will also be available for any request during your treatment (appointment change, medical questions, etc.).

Do you need an interpreter or accommodation?


If needed, our international patient support person can advise you on accommodation according to your budget and the site of your treatment (Paris, Saint Cloud, Orsay) or can serve as a guide within the hospital.

If you need an interpreter, please inform our team and your physicians’ medical secretaries beforehand, so that they can arrange for interpreters to be present at your appointments.

Note that these services are provided free of charge by Institut Curie.

After your stay

Your coordinator will liaise with the accounting and billing department if necessary (reimbursement requests, questions about bills, etc.).

She will be available to answer any questions and can help you again with any administrative formalities, if you have follow-up appointments at Institut Curie.

For more practical information, please read our FAQ


For any assistance, contact us by phone, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm at +33 (0)1 76 49 13 01