Center for Cancer Immunotherapy


The Center for Cancer Immunotherapy at Institut Curie will be accommodating basic and translational research laboratories, consultation rooms and hospitals beds on a fully-dedicated floor at the heart of the hospital. This will encourage exchanges among all groups, including researchers, physicians, patients and caregivers.

Equipe-centre d'immuno

Pulling out the stops so that all patients can look forward to a future after cancer: this is the aim of the MC21 (Marie Curie 21st Century) project. This project, to be led by Institut Curie until 2021, is inspired by the model created by Marie Curie in 1909 – gathering researchers and physicians together – to bring new medications to patients as quickly as possible.

This is one of the first major steps in the MC21 project : the Center for Cancer Immunotherapy at Institut Curie, largely financed by public generosity.

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Sebastian Amigorena, Director of the Center for Cancer Immunotherapy, explains

“Immunotherapy is indisputably a new and valuable weapon in the fight against cancer. It is therefore vital to improve knowledge in this field in order to develop new medications, learn how to use them better, and combine them with other treatments for the benefit of patients.”

The Center for Cancer Immunotherapy will bring together researchers, physicians, patients and caregivers in order to:

  • To implement early trials and study combinations of treatments that could improve therapeutic effectiveness.
  • To discover new predictive biomarkers.
  • To understand why immunotherapy results for breast cancer remain modest, whereas they are more compelling for tumors in other locations.

What is immunotherapy?

Treating cancer with our own defense structure: the immune system. This is the aim of immunotherapy, a therapeutic treatment that is shaking up cancer treatment. Immunotherapy is one of the greatest therapeutic breakthroughs in the fight against cancer over the past 10 years.

By focusing the strengths and the players involved in immunotherapy in one place, we will achieve an enormous investigative potential to address basic clinical and pre-clinical issues. said Dr. Emanuela Romano, Medical Director of the Center for Cancer Immunotherapy

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