Our governance

Sébastien Tallandier
Institut Curie is administered by a Board of Directors that makes decisions and is assisted by a Scientific Advisory Board, advising on the main research areas. The Research Center, the Hospital Group and the Head office are the three operational entities of this foundation with public utility status.
Gouvernace Institut Curie septembre 2017

Our Board of Directors

The diversity and quality of the Board of Directors’ membership is a guarantee of its independence, the ethics of its strategic decisions, and the diligence of its control over Institut Curie, in particular for adoption of the budget and approval of the accounts. The Chairman is elected for a term of six years.
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Prof Thierry Philip

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Our Scientific Advisory Board

Comprising individuals from outside Institut Curie, the Scientific Advisory Board features internationally-renowned researchers and heads of major foreign institutions who devote most of their time to cancer research. Its mission is to provide strategic guidance on the Institut’s major priority areas and activity programs before they are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. The Chairman is elected for a term of two years.  
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board: Prof. Iain Mattaj

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The Research Center

The Research Center is internationally renowned, and works on four cancer-related areas. The Director of the Research Center is elected every five years by the Board of Directors.

Director: Geneviève Almouzni

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The Hospital Group

Director: Dr. Marc Estève

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Head Office

The Head Office assists the Hospital Group and the Research Center, supporting the activities of Institut Curie and the implementation of our institutional project, MC21. As such it helps us to achieve consistency within the foundation.
The Chairman’s Cabinet, headed by Yohan Philippe. The cabinet helps to develop strategy, provide monitoring of the management and governance bodies, and manage institutional priorities. It also features the Communication division and the Curie Museum.

► The Curie Museum, headed by Renaud Huynh, reports to the Chairman’s Cabinet.

► The Support Functions division is led by Jacques Gilain. It includes the Financial Management department, the Head Office HR, the Operations department (infrastructures, purchasing and logistics), the Information Systems department and the Legal department.

Resource functions These include the Industrial Development and Partnerships department (Amaury Martin) and the Donor and Public Relations department (Agnès Hubert).


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