This is one of the primary features of the institutional project: the opening of a Cancer Immunotherapy center. It is the first of its kind in France, and will no doubt further the high expectations associated with this therapeutic strategy.

Equipe-centre d'immuno

Immunotherapy is indisputably a new and valuable weapon in the fight against cancer, much like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapies. It is therefore vital to improve knowledge in this field in order to develop new medications, to learn how to use them better, and to combine them with other treatments for the benefit of patients.


Bringing caregivers and researchers together in one place

The Cancer Immunotherapy center at Institut Curie houses more than 140 physicians and researchers, six clinical investigation stations and 10 beds for outpatient treatment. An entire floor within the hospital – a surface area of 1,400 sq.m – is devoted to this center.

Basic and translational research laboratories, consultation rooms and hospital beds will be in close proximity. This will enable discussion among all groups, including researchers, physicians, patients and caregivers.

“The results obtained in the current trials have exceeded our expectations, since it is now possible to treat patients with very advanced forms of cancer, which leads us to think that in patients with less advanced cancers, the treatments will be even more effective,” explains Sebastian Amigorena, an immunologist at the helm of this center, to be supported by Emanuela Romano, a physician-scientist specializing in early clinical trials in oncology and immunotherapy.

The budget for this center is €5.5 million.

Le centre d'Immunotherapie-infographie

Our commitments

To implement early trials and study combinations of treatments that could improve therapeutic effectiveness.

To discover new predictive biomarkers.

To understand why immunotherapy results for breast cancer remain modest, whereas they are more compelling for tumors in other locations.