Curie 2030 - Hope Against Cancer – Taking on the Most Daring Challenges


Thanks to its reputation for excellence and its national and international reach, Institut Curie has set itself new ambitions to meet major public health challenges in the coming years, and to pursue a bold objective: to make all cancers curable.

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Based on a participative approach and collective reflection by all employees, the strategic plan Curie 2030 - Hope Against Cancer – Taking on the Most Daring Challenges aims to write a new page in the history of Institut Curie. All the while respecting its values and the research-care continuum that is its hallmark and has brought innovation to patients' bedsides since its creation.


Research, care, education: the heart of the strategic plan

A genuine roadmap for Institut Curie over the next few years, the Curie 2030 - Hope Against Cancer – Taking on the Most Daring Challenges project aims to reinforce its interdisciplinary model by jointly developing its three missions:

  • to enhance free and creative basic research, the foundation for future progress;
  • to offer the most innovative care to the growing number of patients to be cared for in increasingly personalized pathways;
  • to train future generations in the scientific and medical challenges of tomorrow, by forging closer links with universities and sharing the Institute's expertise with its stakeholders.


By 2030, four major priority investments will allow these ambitions to be achieved.

  • Institut Curie will devote 56 million euros to renewing its Hospital Group's radiotherapy equipment for ever more effective care, consolidating its place in radiation medicine.
  • 16 million euros will also be allocated to the acquisition of cutting-edge equipment dedicated to the Research Center's technological platforms, guaranteeing its competitiveness and attractiveness.
  • At the same time, Institut Curie will continue the digital transformation that will ensure its position in the century of data and artificial intelligence.
  • Finally, the launch of the Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster cell therapy platform, CellAction, on Institut Curie's Saint-Cloud site will provide a real boost to therapeutic innovation in the service of patients, and respond to unmet medical needs.
Illustration Curie 2030

Providing a stimulating environment for Curie employees

Because the men and women who bring the "Curie Spirit" to life on a daily basis are the most precious asset of this unique organization, and because attracting skills and retaining talent are just as important, Institut Curie also aims to offer its employees a fulfilling social project, providing them with a rich and stimulating working environment, quality of life and career paths.


Concrete measures to meet the challenge

Based on the strategic plan for 2030, nine projects have been drawn up, all naturally interrelated. They represent the institute's operational program for achieving its ambitions and meeting tomorrow's scientific, medical, social, financial, digital and environmental challenges:


  • Scientific project: promoting free, pioneering research that drives innovation
  • Medical project: reinforcing today's excellence, building tomorrow's
  • Medical-scientific project: boosting innovation momentum
  • Social project: placing the human at the heart of success and excellence
  • Academic relations and transfer of knowledge: preparing future generations for the scientific and medical challenges of tomorrow
  • Digital transformation project: placing the human at the heart of success and excellence
  • CSR project: together, being committed every day
  • Governance: fostering an efficient and responsible collective dynamic
  • Economic model Curie 2030: act for an optimized, sustainable management


Details of the Curie 2030 strategic plan and its nine programmatic projects can be found in the two documents on the right.

To meet these targets, donors’ generosity is crucial. It will enable Institut Curie to deploy the investments it needs to continue its fight against cancer, within a sustainable and transparent economic model.