Where does your donation go?


Institut Curie relies on private generosity to invest in innovative projects. Most gifts from donors are allocated to the institute’s social missions.

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Every year, Institut Curie receives gifts from 200,000 donors. Through their philanthropy programs, companies and associations also contribute a great deal to our research programs.

For every €100 donated to Institut Curie:

  • €77 is allocated to the institute’s social missions.
  • €16 is spent on fundraising efforts.
  • €7 goes to operating costs.

The generosity of the public allows us to act independently with considerable freedom of movement and to innovate at an early stage to benefit patients.


Institut Curie is deserving of your trust:

Based on the principle of trust by which we are bound, we manage the funds you donate in a careful and transparent manner.

The Board of Directors and the Scientific Advisory Board are answerable for the ethics and excellence of our institute, and they ensure that your donations and bequests are invested in our research programs and go to help improve the quality of care provided to patients.

Checked and certified by a statutory auditor, our accounts are published yearly and made available to you.

To find out how your donations are used, consult the Journal de l’Institut Curie, published quarterly. It keeps you informed about the projects that we are able to conduct thanks to your gifts, life at Institut Curie, and the progress achieved in oncology research and care.