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A Cohort to Quantify and to Predict Treatment Related Chronic Toxicities in Patients With Non-metastatic Breast Cancer.
Description de l'essai
The aims of the cohort will be to quantify impact of cancer treatments toxicities , and to generate predictors of chronic toxicity in patients with non-metastatic breast cancer.;The project will include four specific aims :;1.To develop a database of chronic treatment related toxicity in a cohort of 20 000 women with stage I-III breast cancer (= non metastatic), whatever these treatments are (surgery; radiation therapy; chemotherapy À);2.To describe incidence, clinical presentation, and outcome of chronic toxicities over a maximum of 8 years.;3.To describe the psychological, the social and the economic impacts of chronic toxicities.;4.To generate predictors for chronic toxicities in order to prevent them, based upon biological criteria.;The expected impact of these toxicities, when identified, will be to improve quality of life and to decrease health cost, by the early identification of patients at high risk of toxicity. Such early identification could lead to prevent toxic effect by: a. developing prevention strategies, b. substituting toxic treatment by a non (less) toxic one.;Also, such cohort will offer a quantification of the impact of treatment toxicity, that could be further used to quantify medical usefulness of strategies that aim at decreasing treatment toxicities (implementation of predictive biomarker for resistance, cytotoxic-free regimen etcÀ)