Phase II clinical trial - Sein Néoadjuvant

Sein Néoadjuvant
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A Phase II Trial Testing Durvalumab Combined With Endocrine Therapy in Patients With ER+/Her2- Breast Cancer Eligible for Neoadjuvant Endocrine Therapy And Who Present CD8+ T Cell Infiltration After 4-6 Weeks Exposure to Immune-Attractant
Description de l'essai
This is an open-label, multicentric, international, phase II trial testing aromatase inhibitors in combination with durvalumab in patients with CD8+ T cell infiltration (>10% CD8+ T cells in the tumor). The trial includes two sequences: The first part of the treatment will consist in 4-6 weeks treatment with immune-attractants; in the second part, CD8+ patients will receive 6 months of durvalumab combined with exemestane.