Medical imaging


Aujourd’hui, les médecins disposent d’un véritable arsenal thérapeutique pour venir à bout des cancers. Cette offre de soins est organisée en départements au sein de l’Ensemble Hospitalier.

Imagerie médicale à l'Institut Curie

To participate in the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of patients (adults, children & adolescents) in a multidisciplinary hospital setting, including via a rapid diagnostic path (for breast tumours, soft tissue and thyroid nodules) and in collaboration with healthcare networks.

To contribute to the continual advance of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in terms of effectiveness, safety and cost, in line with technological advances, both in the institution and more widely through learned societies, care organisations and supervisory bodies.

To actively participate in clinical research at Institut Curie (through the assessment of therapeutic trials) and develop research in diagnostic and interventional imaging in cooperation with industrial and scientific partners.

To contribute to graduate and post-graduate education in oncologic imaging.


Diagnostic and interventional imaging platforms

The imaging department has a comprehensive, integrated range of diagnostic and interventional imaging platforms.
Conventional digital radiology (flat panel detectors)

  • Full-field digital mammography (with breast tomosynthesis and angio-mammography)
  • Ultrasound imaging (ultrasonography, Doppler, elastography)
  • Computed tomography (multidetector scanners)
  • Anatomical and functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (diffusion, perfusion, proton spectroscopy); MRI under general anaesthesia (in paediatrics)
  • PACS, RIS, DACS, DICOM Internet Exchange Platform (Nexus)
  • Diagnostic interventional radiology (biopsies under ultrasound, CT and MRI, stereotactic breast biopsies)
  • Therapeutic interventional radiology (radiofrequency)
  • Single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT-CT - scintigraphy - 99Tc, 123I-MIBG)
  • Radioisotope-based sentinel lymph node procedures ( 99Tc-Nanocolloid)
  • Positron emission tomography (PET-CT / 18FDG, 18FCholine, 18F-DOPA, 18F-Fluoro-oestradiol, 18F-fluoroazomycine arabinoside)
  • Metabolic radiotherapy and radioimmunotherapy ( 131I, 89Sr, 153Sm, 90Y, 223Ra)
  • Cyclotron ( 11C, 64Cu)


Teams of Medical imaging Department