Paediatric, teenage and young-adult oncology


It is crucial for children and teenagers to continue living as normal a life as possible despite the disease. That is why the paediatrics department has established a specially designed policy for the care of children with solid cancer tumours.

Oncologie pédiatrique

Missions of the department

  • In partnership with the family and in a multidisciplinary care centre, to treat children and teenagers whose life and well-being are under threat, in an environment that enables them to develop throughout the treatment period.
  • To share treatment via a paediatric haematology and oncology network in the Ile de France region (RIFHOP), in collaboration with the paediatrics teams of local hospitals and home-care services, so as to enable children and teenagers with cancer to stay as often as possible in their normal residence.
  • • To participate, as a benchmark national centre, in the multidisciplinary care of children with retinoblastoma, in collaboration with the healthcare teams of other centres belonging to the Société française des cancers de l'enfant (SFCE) [French society for children’s cancer].
  • To develop an understanding of paediatric tumours in association with the research teams of Institut Curie and other national and international paediatric oncology units, in order to boost children’s recovery rates, limit late side-effects linked to the disease or treatments and improve the care of the children and their families.
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