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Maxime Dahan Prize 2021


During the 2nd symposium in memory of Maxime Dahan organized at Institut Curie, the Maxime Dahan Prize 2021 was awarded to Valentina Emiliani, CNRS research director at the Vision Institute in Paris

Portrait Valentina Emiliani

The second edition of the symposium organized at Institut Curie in memory of Maxime Dahan has been held online on December 16-17 2021.

Maxime Dahan was the director of the physical-chemistry unit (UMR 168) of Institut Curie between 2013 and 2018 and group leader of the “Light based observation and control of cellular organization” research group. He studied at the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole normale supérieure (ENS) and the CNRS awarded him a bronze medal in 2006.

Created after his death in 2018, the Maxime Dahan fund allows to award a biennial prize to a scientist who significantly advances the study of cellular processes with new tools or methods, particularly relating to imaging and micromanipulation of biological objects, for fundamental research or medical application. This prize, organized under the aegis of Institut Curie, recognizes scientific innovation at the interface of physics, biology and medicine.

The Maxime Dahan Prize 2021 for Innovation in Methods and Instrumentation at the Interface of Physics, Biology & Medicine was awarded to Valentina Emiliani. Valentina is a CNRS research director at the Vision Institute in Paris, where she leads the photonics department and the Wavefront Engineering Microscopy group.

This year, the symposium focused on state-of-the art developments in new imaging modalities and single molecule imaging with a special emphasis on works that have followed up Maxime’s publications. Prestigious researchers were invited for this second edition.


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Invited speakers:

Emmanuel Candès (Stanford University - US), Bertrand Duplat (Robeauté - FR), Valentina Emiliani (Institut de la Vision - FR), Jörg Enderlein (Georg-August-Universität - DE), Diego Krapf (Colorado State University - US), Suliana Manley (EPFL, Lausanne - CH), Jerome Mertz (Boston University - US), William E. Moerner (Stanford University - US), Andrew York (Calico Labs - US), Sandra J. Rosenthal (Vanderbilt University - US), Alipasha Vaziri (The Rockefeller University - US)

Scientific advisory committee:

Patricia Bassereau (Institut Curie - FR), Xavier Darzacq (UC Berkley - US), Edith Heard (EMBL – DE), Robert Singer (Albert Einstein College of Medicine - US), Antoine Triller (ENS - FR)

The organizing committee:

Mathieu Coppey (Institut Curie - FR), Bassam Hajj (Institut Curie - FR), Vincent Studer (Bordeaux University - FR), Virginie Bel (Institut Curie - FR), Melissa Dewulf (LabEx Cell(n)Scale & PSL-Qlife - FR), Shauna Katz (LabEx Cell(n)Scale & LabEx DEEP - FR), Inês Pires Santos Ramos Pinheiro (LabEx DEEP - FR), Aïda Shams (LabEx Cell(n)Scale & PSL-Qlife - FR)