Oncological Radiotherapy


The Oncological Radiotherapy department offers patients personalized treatment and access to the most sophisticated radiotherapy techniques.

Radiothérapie oncologique

Missions of the Department

  • Radiotherapy involves several different specialty areas to fulfill various functions, including preparation of treatments, dosage control, delivery of treatments and patient follow-up. The department thus includes oncologists, radiotherapists, medical physicists, dosimetrists, handlers and technicians. This team of professionals works together to help deliver the best possible quality of treatment and to offer patients tailor-made care.
  • Radiotherapy is a medical discipline that uses several technologies: external radiotherapy, including conformal radiotherapy, with intensity modulation, image-guided therapy, stereotaxic radiotherapy, tomotherapy and proton therapy. Other forms of radiotherapy, such as brachytherapy, are also practiced.
  • The department of Oncological Radiotherapy conducts clinical and radiobiological research programs as well as the development of other technologies.
  • The Medical Physics department is responsible for delivering the dose (estimated dosimetry, dose calculation). It is actively involved in research and in the technological development of tools for estimating, measuring and calculating the dose delivered. It also works in the Imaging department and in radioprotection controls.