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Over 85 research teams distributed in four areas work every day to decipher cell actions and disruptions. Biologists, chemists and physicists discuss and collaborate in their efforts to push the boundaries of knowledge.

Cellules d'adénocarcinome mammaire
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Cultivating the Curie spirit

Researchers are the lifeblood of scientific progress, and thus embody the very culture of Institut Curie. They are organized into multidisciplinary teams, in four research fields each with three research units associated with the CNRS, Inserm and the universities, plus a translational research department.

Institut Curie has long been an advocate of balancing the top experts in each discipline and attracting researchers of international repute to actively promote and develop new talent at all levels. Institut Curie has also introduced a recruitment and support policy for the best young researchers in order to achieve positive momentum and promote renewal within the organization, with a fair balance between junior and senior employees in all units.

After developing their project for six years, the junior groups may be promoted or mentored to continue their research outside the organization, in order to spread and disseminate the Curie know-how and culture, all the while maintaining collaborations.


Signaling, Radiobiology and Cancer


Normal & Pathological Signaling: from the embryo to the innovative therapy of cancers

(CNRS/Inserm/Université Paris-Saclay/Institut Curie)



Translational Imaging in Oncology

(Inserm/Université Paris-Saclay/Institut Curie)


Genome Integrity, ARN and Cancer

(CNRS/Université Paris-Saclay/Institut Curie)


Chemistry and Modelling for the Biology of Cancer

(CNRS/Inserm/université Paris-Saclay/Institut Curie)


Integrative Tumour Biology, Immunology and Environment

Genetics and Biology of Cancers

(Inserm/Institut Curie)


Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Computational Systems. Biology of Cancer

(Inserm/Institut Curie)


Immunity and Cancer

(Inserm/Institut Curie)


Biology, Cancer, Genetics and Epigenetics

Genetics and Developmental Biology

(CNRS/Inserm/Institut Curie)


Dynamics of Genetic Information

(CNRS/Institut Curie)


Nuclear Dynamics

(CNRS/UPMC/Institut Curie)


Multiscale Physics-Biology-Chemistry and cancer

Cellular biology and cancer

(CNRS/Institut Curie)


Physico Chimie Curie Lab

(CNRS/UPMC/Institut Curie)



Cellular and Chemical Biology

(CNRS/Inserm/Institut Curie)


Translational Research

Translational Groups

  • Uveal melanoma therapies Team | Samar Alsafadi


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