ESCRT Machinery Is Required for Plasma Membrane Repair

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Ana Joaquina Jimenez, Paolo Maiuri, Julie Lafaurie-Janvore, Séverine Divoux, Matthieu Piel, Franck Perez

ESCRT Your Wound Away

The ESCRT (endosomal sorting complex required for transport) protein complex plays a role in budding into multivesicular bodies, in cytokinesis, and in HIV budding. Now,

et al.

, published online 30 January) propose a role for ESCRT proteins in wound repair at the plasma membrane. In vivo imaging, modeling, and electron microscopy were used to reveal how the ESCRTs participate in a rapid energy-independent, calcium-dependent, membrane-shedding process at the plasma membrane that reseals small wounds caused by toxins or laser treatment.