Prise en charge des sarcomes à l'Institut Curie

Dr Sylvie Bonvalot, chirurgien spécialiste des sarcomes, Dr Daniel Orbach, pédiatre spécialiste des sarcomes de l'enfant et Dr Sophie Piperno-Neumann, oncologue médical spécialiste des sarcomes

Sarcomas: treatment at Institut Curie

Institut Curie is one of the national expert centers for analysis and management of sarcomas. It is also one of the five leading facilities worldwide in sarcoma management. Dr Bonvalot and her team are responsible for a great many surgical findings.

Institut Curie has specialist teams working together for each patient in multidisciplinary consultation meetings (RCP). The “sarcoma” RCPs at Institut Curie are part of the Groupe Sarcome Français – Groupement d’Etudes pour les Tumeurs Osseuses (GSF-GETO).

It is essential that surgery be performed by a surgeon who is experienced in sarcomas and in incorporating surgery alongside other treatments. This is true of Institut Curie, where Dr Bonvalot and her team have performed surgery on more than 5,000 cases of sarcoma, making it one of the most experienced centers in Europe. The surgical team also includes thoracic and plastic surgeons.

Institut Curie also wishes to disseminate its expertise and reduce inequalities in patient care. For this reason, it has partnered with Cochin hospital and Paris-Descartes hospital to offer a unique university diploma course.