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Recherches "plusieurs pathologies"
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Secured Access to Vemurafenib for Patients With Tumors Harboring BRAF Genomic Alterations
Description de l'essai
This is a biology driven, trans-tumoral, multicentric phase II trial assessing the efficacy and the safety of the targeted agent vemurafenib as a monotherapy in cohorts of patients with identified activating molecular alterations in BRAF gene. A cohort is defined by a pathology and a BRAF- alteration (eg ovarian cancer with BRAF V600 mutation).;The main objective is to explore the efficacy of vemurafenib as a single agent across diverse type of tumors guided by the presence of identified activating molecular alterations in the vemurafenib target gene, per cohort.;Others objectives are to assess the safety profile of vemurafenib, to explore whether molecularly driven, high quality multi-tumor screening phase II trials are feasible in the French multiinstitutional, multidisciplinary setting and to investigate the additional molecular mechanisms in patients with tumor response versus patients without tumor response within the same cohort.
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