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European Proof-of-Concept Therapeutic Stratification Trial of Molecular Anomalies in Relapsed or Refractory Tumors.
Description de l'essai
The first molecular profiling protocols have been launched in Europe (MOSCATO-01, MAPPYACTS, INFORM, iTHER, SM-PAEDS, etc.) determining multiple actionable alterations in pediatric recurrent cancers. Increasingly, stratified approaches are being implemented to enrich clinical trials of molecularly targeted agents and possibly improve outcomes in specific populations i.e. a molecularly enriched/predictive biomarker-driven approach. The diversity and heterogeneity of the detected molecular alterations and the low number of pediatric patients mandate an adapted, innovative trial design for the attributed treatment options in order to satisfy the current unmet medical need.;This basket trial is designed to cover the targeting of several survival pathways in oncogenesis that are currently not adequately employed for pediatric patients in Europe.