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DECLIC Patient Education Program : Assessment Through a Population Health Intervention Research Approach (LE DECLIC EPRI.
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Cancer pain is a frequent symptom, reported by 20 to 70% of patients in any stage of the cancer disease : 60 to 70% in the advanced stage of the disease and 20 to 40% among the survivors. Among patients who report pain, 40% report undertreated pain. Strengthening Pain management in cancer is a specific objective of the French Cancer Plan. Providing patient education for cancer pain management is recommended since small to moderate efficacy of patient education on pain intensity and interference was found in all meta-analysis. An effect size comparable with some analgesic agents. However, recommendations suggest improvement in order to increase effectiveness and population reach of those interventions. The DECLIC EPRI intervention aim at addressing all the issues raised by patient education for cancer pain management. It was developed according to the framework of Michie's Behavior change wheel theory.
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