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Congratulations to Matthieu Piel, CNRS Silver Medal 2023


Matthieu Piel, head of the Systems Biology of Cell Polarity and Cell Division team at Institut Curie’s Research Center, is the lucky winner of the CNRS Silver Medal 2023. This award recognizes the originality, quality and importance of his work, both nationally and internationally.

Portrait Matthieu Piel

Winner of the CNRS Silver Medal 2023, Matthieu Piel is head of the Systemic Cell Biology of Polarity and Division (BIO6) team (CNRS UMR144/Sorbonne University) at Institut Curie’s Research Center. The CNRS research director works at the interface between physics, immunology and oncology with the Spatio-temporal dynamics of immune cells research team, headed by Ana-Maria Lennon-Duménil (Inserm U932) at Institut Curie, as part of the ambitious project supported by the European Research Council (ERC) with a Synergy Grant.

This medal is a double honor for me. It recognizes my team’s work and the risks we have taken for years in pursuing somewhat “extravagant” ideas. And for me it’s a clear message from the community of French cellular biologists who, despite my origins as a physicist, consider me to be one of their own: I am now a cellular biologist! The early years of my career were not always easy!

Confides Matthieu Piel.

With his team on the Paris site of Institut Pierre-Gilles-de-Gennes for microfluidics, Piel studies in particular the cellular processes of migration, volume and mass regulation, as well as cell division. By developing innovative tools using nano- and micro-fabrication, they manage to control and modulate the main physical and chemical parameters of the cellular micro-environment.