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Institut Curie, PSL University and Inserm create the Women’s Cancer Institute (“Institut des Cancers des Femmes”) by obtaining the Hospital-University Institute (IHU) certification


Institut Curie, PSL University and Inserm announce the creation of an institute dedicated to female cancers, certified as part of the 3rd wave as Hospital-University Institute (IHU) within the France 2030 plan. This announcement comes on the heels of today’s announcement by the French President, Emmanuel Macron, at Institut Curie’s Saint-Cloud site.

L'Institut des Cancers des Femmes

The Women’s Cancer Institute (“Institut des Cancers des Femmes”) is a unique structure with an international reach which places women at the heart of research and innovation. The institute’s main site will be in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, at the crossroads of Institut Curie’s research laboratory and hospital and close to the PSL University campus.

With over 78,000 new cases and 20,000 deaths each year in France, female cancers are a real public health issue. To rise to this challenge, the Women’s Cancer Institute (“Institut des Cancers des Femmes”) will combine all medical, paramedical and scientific expertise alongside companies and patient associations.

The project’s goal is improved understanding and prevention, and curing increasing numbers of women.

Making France a leader in innovation for female cancers and curing even more women

The selection of the Women’s Cancer Institute (“Institut des Cancers des Femmes”) as a new IHU is an immense joy and a huge responsibility

announces Prof. Anne Vincent-Salomon, a pathologist specialized in female cancers at Institut Curie and professor at PSL University, who is heading this IHU as its director.

We’ll be developing innovative solutions to reduce mortality from female cancers and the impact of cancer on women’s quality of life. Training of health professionals and scientists will be adapted to suit the specific challenges of these cancers, in the context of the digital transition within healthcare. The Women’s Cancer Institute (“Institut des Cancers des Femmes”) will be built on the multidisciplinarity of Institut Curie, of PSL University, and of Inserm, calling on the expertise of the players involved (physicians, health professionals, patient associations, scientists, economists, artists and industrial partners). It will develop within a network of hospital partners and collaborations present throughout France

Getting players in the research field involved in health

According to Prof. Thierry Philip, Chairman of the Executive Board at Institut Curie, France’s leading cancer research and care center:

The creation of this IHU is a testament to the national priority granted to women’s health and the desire to cure more patients, drawing on the expertise of our Research Center, Inserm and the CNRS. It is also an opportunity to tell our donors that we are thankful for their generosity, that we are proud that our excellence has been recognized in this way


Prof. Alain Fuchs, chairman of PSL University, explains:

This certification will strengthen synergies between researchers, physicians, health professionals and companies. After the success of PariSanté Campus, co-founded by PSL University, this IHU is proof of the ambition of PSL University and its entities in the health sector

A groundbreaking, unique and differentiating project on an international scale

The Women’s Cancer Institute (“Institut des Cancers des Femmes”) is a groundbreaking project in medical and psychological support for women. Although there has been undeniable progress in this field in recent decades, many challenges remains

explains Prof. Steven Le Gouill, Director of the Institut Curie Hospital Group


In terms of the social aspect, we note both that there are considerable disparities in terms of women’s treatment, and that cancer is a factor that worsens insecurity for women, causing them to need more time off work and more work accommodations than men

explains Prof. Anne Vincent-Salomon


The Women’s Cancer Institute (“Institut des Cancers des Femmes”) will certainly be a game-changer for the knowledge and understanding of these diseases. The approach that we propose is new since it is more holistic, from research on tumor biology to consideration of the person in their environment

concludes Prof. Alain Puisieux, Director of Institut Curie Research Center.

A 10-year program operating in the heart of Paris

The main site of the Women’s Cancer Institute (“Institut des Cancers des Femmes”) will be located in the 5th arrondissement in the heart of Paris. It will enjoy 90,000 sq. m of space and extensions for research and care delivered in 2025, giving the institute its own entrance at 39 bis Rue Gay-Lussac.

Most entities of PSL University are located within a 600-meter radius, which provides a unique opportunity for conducting high-level interdisciplinary projects in a close environment.

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Key points
The Women’s Cancer Institute (“Institut des Cancers des Femmes”): better understanding to provide better care and cure even more patients, both now  and in the future. A groundbreaking, unique and differentiating project on an international scale to:

- Better prevent and diagnose cancers, especially in high-risk patients;

- Respond to the need for new therapeutic options adjusted for anatomical location, the biology and age of the women, to reduce mortality rates, especially with rare forms;

- Adapt treatment of cancer to women’s quality of life and provide patients with comprehensive support, including medical, psychological and paramedical;

- Better train professionals in the specific challenges of cancer and support new professions arising from the digital transformation of research and care.