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Prof. Alain Puisieux is the new Chairman of the Executive Board of Institut Curie


Prof. Alain Puisieux takes up his duties as Chairman of the Executive Board of Institut Curie on Saturday May 25th, 2024. Surrounded by an agile and complementary team including Coralie Chevallier, Research director at Inserm and the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS-PSL) and former vice-president of education at PSL University, and Eric Nicolas, president of WiseStratEdge Consulting, Prof. Alain Puisieux begins a 6-year mandate whose ambition is to bring Institut Curie as close as possible to the research and oncology challenges of tomorrow.

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On this Saturday, May 25th, 2024, Prof. Alain Puisieux takes up his post as Chairman of the Executive Board of Institut Curie, a position he will hold until 2030.

Appointed in March 2024 by the Supervisory Board, Alain Puisieux has chosen to surround himself with two outside personalities: Coralie Chevallier, PhD in cognitive science, specializing in social cognition, and Eric Nicolas, PhD in economic sciences with a career in banking, the automotive industry and specialized chemistry.

Their roadmap, defined by the Curie 2030 - Hope Against Cancer strategic plan, focuses on meeting the many challenges posed by cancer and scientific research, whether fundamental, translational or clinical.

"From understanding living organisms to caring for patients, Institut Curie has everything it takes to meet the medical-scientific challenges involved in the fight against cancer," explains Prof. Alain Puisieux. "My main objective will be to create the emulation needed to implement excellent research and care, led by the committed women and men who form the heart of Institut Curie."


To this end, several priorities have been identified:

  • Developing the research-care continuum that creates an exceptional ecosystem for improving knowledge and fighting cancer. A hallmark of Institut Curie since its foundation by Marie Curie, it is a guarantee of excellence for all researchers, doctors and caregivers, and the assurance of top-quality care for all cancer patients.


  • Implement a strong policy of attracting and retaining employees at the Research Center, the Hospital Group and the Head Office. The Curie 2030 social project, closely linked to the corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach, is at the heart of this policy. The aim here is to ensure a fulfilling and stimulating working environment, capable of promoting quality and well-being within the institute.


  • Strengthen Institut Curie's influence and increase the reach of its voice in the fields of health and research at local, national and international level through fruitful partnerships for its three sites in Paris, Saint-Cloud and Orsay.