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100% digital pathology at Institut Curie


All slides from tumor biopsies taken from new patients treated at Institut Curie are now digitized thanks to the work of the team at the Diagnostic and Theranostic Medicine Division (PMDT) at the Hospital Group.


© Thibaut Voisin / Institut Curie

Digitization of slides now helps all patients, regardless of the location of the tumor to be analyzed

Prof. Anne Vincent-Salomon, head of the PMDT, announces happily

Digitization is the pre-requisite for being able to use artificial intelligence tools. Deep learning methods and their algorithms, developed with the team Statistical machine learning and modelling of biological systems directed by Thomas Walter (unit Cancer and genome: bioinformatics, biostatistics and epidemiology of complex systems – Inserm U900, Mines-Paris - PSL), clinical pathologists, or with start-ups, will save precious time.

These artificial intelligence programs, trained by our annotations, are able to find in one image what we have just shown it in others, she continues. They work quickly without interruption and will make the pathologist’s job easier. In record time the diagnosis will be honed to facilitate the therapeutic choices

Institut Curie is one of the first hospitals in France to have digitized its slides thanks to public generosity. AI in other specialties also helps improve treatment plans, for example in radiotherapy, and particularly with therapeutic de-escalation.

These developments are also of great interest to researchers since the images generated are available to them. A new example of the Curie model!