Interactions with the Hospital Group


The Research Center works closely with the Hospital Group in order to strengthen the connection between basic research, translational research, clinical research, and treatment. The goal is to speed up the process by which innovations in science lead to better patient care.

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Institut Curie, a designated Comprehensive Cancer Center since 2018, places enormous value on bringing researchers and doctors together to create a shared culture. With a focus on openness, Institut Curie encourages unforeseen collaborations and cooperation in all its labs. The principal goal of this work is to strengthen the connections between translational research and clinical research. A large number of Research Center teams see their projects move from basic research through to application.


An Environment That Favors Translational Research

For that to happen, the translational research department provides Institut Curie’s clinicians and researchers with the human and technological means necessary to develop applied projects in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The department, directed by Sergio Roman-Roman, supports projects that require collaboration between the Research Center and the Hospital Group, in order to transform scientific discoveries into therapies that benefit patients.

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SiRIC Curie

Institut Curie has also been designated a SiRIC (site for integrated cancer research) site by INCa. The label recognizes a commitment to providing quality infrastructure (such as the existence of a robust research program, the provision of dedicated resources, and the promotion and dissemination of research findings) designed to accelerate cancer research.

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The Medical-scientific Program

In 2015, Institut Curie undertook a medical-scientific program (MSP) in order to facilitate and foster interaction between the Research Center and the Hospital Group. Different Research Center teams regularly host doctors from the Hospital Group who are working on their theses or who want to develop collaborative research projects. There are currently 10 MSP priority areas:

  • Radiobiology and innovation in radiation therapy : coordinated by Marie Dutreix and Prof. Gilles Créhange
  • Immunotherapy: coordinated by Sebastian Amigorena and Dr. Emanuela Romano
  • Breast cancer : coordinated by Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou and Prof. François Clément-Bidard
  • Pediatrics: Olivier Delattre and Prof. Francois Doz
  • Uveal melanoma: Sergio Roman-Roman and Prof. Nathalie Cassoux      
  • Precision medicine and early-phase trials: Prof. Aurélien Latouche and Prof. Christophe Le Tourneau
  • Desmoid tumors and sarcomas: Josh Waterfall and Dr. Sylvie Bonvalot
  • Epigenetics: Geneviève Almouzni
  • Thoracic oncology: Olivier Lantz and Prof. Nicolas Girard
  • Urology: Prof. Yves Allory and François Radvanyi