Medical record


Your medical record is essential for monitoring your condition before, during and after your treatments. It is opened at the time of your arrival and comprises all the data required by your doctors.

Votre dossier médical
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Your administrative and medical record (whose use by healthcare institutions is mandatory) is computerised at Institut Curie. It is unique and available only to those contributing to your care.

Its purpose is to optimise your medical condition by collecting all data concerning you (e.g. your identity, health condition, test results, reports on procedures etc.).

This information is available only to the people participating in your care (caregivers and medical assistants). Everyone who has access to client health information is required to preserve its confidentiality. You may also request that access to your file be restricted to a limited list of physicians, both inside and outside Institut Curie.


Online record for physicians

In the interest of continuity of care and in anticipation of the personal medical file, your medical record is made available to your attending physician or to physicians designated by you by granting them quick access to information about your medical condition via Portalys on the Internet.

This access is granted under maximum security conditions to ensure the total protection of professional secrecy. If, subsequently, you wish to withdraw access authorisation from one of the physicians designated by you, or if you decide that access to your file should no longer be granted to any physician via the Internet, you may file your request with your referring physician’s medical assistant, who will take all necessary measures immediately.


To gain access to your records

According to law, you may gain access to your medical record either through the intermediary of a physician designated by you, by consulting your record in person at Institut Curie, or by requesting that the document be sent directly to your home.

To request specific medical information about yourself or your entire file, please send a written request, with a photocopy of your ID card, to: Directeur de l'Hôpital de l'Institut Curie – 26, rue d'Ulm – 75248 Paris cedex 05.


Your right to access and correct

The law of 6 January 1978, establishing the French Information Technology and Freedom Commission (CNIL), is aimed at ensuring that information technology, in the service of each citizen, does not infringe upon your human right to privacy and dignity.

This law grants you the right to access and correct this information, which you may exercise by written request addressed to the Hospital Director of Institut Curie, 26, rue d'Ulm – 75248 Paris cedex 05.


The transmission of data concerning you

For research purposes, under conditions of strict confidentiality and with the authorization of CNIL, Institut Curie may transmit data on your pathology to the cancer registry of your département (region). In accordance with law, you may object to this transmission and you have the right to access and correct the information conveyed. To do so, please write to: Médecin responsable du Service de Biostatistiques – Institut Curie – 26, rue d'Ulm – 75248 Paris cedex 05.