Modes of hospitalization


Depending on the pathology, the general state of health and the scheduled treatments, patients may spend a few hours to a few days in the hospital. There is a specific type of treatment for each type of hospitalization.

Les modes d'hospitalisation à l'Institut Curie

Full hospitalization

This refers to stays of several days in the hospital. Some surgical procedures require quite lengthy postoperative monitoring. The patient is hospitalized the day before the surgery and is discharged once the physicians are satisfied that recovery is on track.

Same-day hospitalization

This is when the patient is hospitalized the day of the surgery. This requires information to be passed between caregivers and the patient. The patient needs to prepare for the surgery. For example, he/she must fast from midnight the day prior to hospitalization, with clear fluids permitted up to two hours before surgery. The patient then remains in the hospital for several days.

Outpatient treatment

For some procedures, the patient can arrive at the hospital and leave the same day, generally between two and four hours after the procedure. This applies to minor procedures, such as tumorectomy, but also procedures known as peripheral, such as endoscopy, for example.
This type of hospitalization is often very comfortable for the patient, who appreciates being able to return home that evening. Of course, this option is only offered to patients who meet certain criteria. The care team ensures that the patient is not left alone at home after the procedure. If there are complications, the patient may be transferred to a conventional hospital. The outpatient unit at Institut Curie now has 10 beds.

Day hospital

Many treatments can be administered at the hospital with no need for the patient to stay several days. This is often the case for chemotherapy or radiotherapy, for example. The patient is given an appointment. Once the treatment is completed, the patient can go straight home.

Each of these modes of hospitalization requires specific procedures and approaches. The care team at Institut Curie will guide you and help you prepare.
To find out about all the steps in each type of hospitalization as well as the practical formalities, download the welcome booklet from the Hospital Group.