Pediatric cancers: working towards precision medicine


Dr. Gudrun Schleiermacher, pediatrician and researcher at Institut Curie, has been invited to the AACR Congress. There she will share her knowledge of the genomics of childhood cancers and the therapeutic options that it offers with oncologists from all over the world.


Many pediatric cancers are unfortunately associated with atypical genetic anomalies, lesions against which current targeted therapies are ineffective. But the centers that treat children with cancer throughout the world are not giving up, and thanks to recent discoveries, we are now seeing the perspective of precision medicine against these diseases. This is the state of the art and the hope that Dr. Gudrun Schleiermacher, pediatrician and head of a research team at Institut Curie, will present to her colleagues at the meeting of the American association for cancer research (AACR), taking place at the end of March in Atlanta, Georgia.

Remember that pediatric cancers cover a large number of very diverse diseases, which come with very varied diagnoses. They are also usually rare, which makes them difficult to study. But Institut Curie has expertise at the international level in cancer and its genetic origins.

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