Prof. Steven Le Gouill, new Director of the Hospital Group at Institut Curie

As of September 1, 2021, Prof. Steven Le Gouill takes over as Director of the Hospital Group at Institut Curie. A physician specialized in onco-hematology and hailing from academia, he has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare, research, teaching and management. His future missions include establishing and implementing the strategy for the “MC21-2” institutional project for 2023-2027(1).
Portrait Pr Steven Le Gouill - nouveau direction de l'ensemble hospitalier

Through its values and its history for over 100 years, Institut Curie has a profoundly humanistic approach which I plan to pursue, above all to benefit cancer patients but also to benefit research and medical innovation with special attention for health professionals.  Despite uncertainty about how the pandemic will evolve, we will continue with our current projects as well as build new ones,” explains Prof. Steven Le Gouill, Director of the Hospital Group at Institut Curie.

 “Prof. Le Gouill’s medical and scientific work, his knowledge of the fundamentals of medicine and economics, the cancer ecosystem and the French healthcare system are recognized both nationally and internationally. I am excited at the prospect of his expertise and skills being put to work for our patients, our health professionals and our medical and scientific community, adds Prof. Thierry Philip, Chairman of the Executive Board of Institut Curie.

Quality, expertise, partner patients and looking to the future

One of my aims will be to strengthen the synergies that exist between the Hospital Group and the Research Centre and to create new ones. I will strive to ensure the sphere of influence of Institut Curie and its appeal, and to build national and international networks, in conjunction with universities and top schools,” declares Prof. Steven Le Gouill

After having been head of the Hematology department at the Nantes University Hospital, and directing a vast hospital university division focused on research, Prof. Le Gouill’s mission will revolve around deploying innovation and strengthening the appeal and development of translational research, in order to shore up Institut Curie’s position as an international player in progress that will define the oncology of the future (including precision medicine, immunotherapy, nanomedicines and therapeutic vaccines).

On arrival, Prof. Steven Le Gouill also plans to fully continue with the commitment to democracy in health and science so that future breakthrough innovations bring better and faster benefit to patients, who themselves have an important role to play in terms of changing practices” he explains. The new director will build up therapeutic education programs so that patients can contribute more to their care and become true partners to the medical teams.

(1) Named MC21 for Marie Curie in the 21st century, the MC21 Institutional project number 2 introduces the vision and strategy of Institut Curie for the years 2023 to 2027, in line with the guidelines established by the French state as part of the 2021-2030 ten-year anti-cancer strategy.

Prof. Steven Le Gouill’s background in a few key dates :

- 2021: Head of hospital university division 1 (comprising the Hematology, Dermatology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Urology and Visceral Surgery departments) at the Nantes University Hospital

- 2018 – 2021: Head of the Hematology department, Nantes University Hospital

- 2020: Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of LYSA (network for clinical lymphoma research) and National Coordinator of the French registry of CAR-T cells (DESCAR-T)

- 2011-2020: Director of the CLIP2 program (certification issued by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa) to early-phase centers) at Nantes University Hospital, Angers University Hospital and ICO

- 2013-2017: Medical Director of the DRCI at Nantes University Hospital

- 2010: University professor

- Since 1999, member of the research team “Regulation of Bcl-2 and p53 networks in multiple myeloma and Mantle-cell lymphoma”, UMR 1232, Oncology and immunology research center Nantes-Angers (CRCINA, Inserm/CNRS/Universities of Nantes and Angers)

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