The team at the Proton Therapy Center


The team at the Proton Therapy Center is in contact with your physician and the other specialists taking care of you. The collaboration is a multidisciplinary one.

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Just like you, your disease is unique, and this is why these specialists will do everything needed to adapt your treatment.


Oncological radiotherapists

Working closely with radiophysicists, handlers and technicians, the physicians at the Proton Therapy Center are oncological radiotherapists, as such they are oncologists who use rays to treat malignant tumors, and in some cases benign tumors. They establish the treatment indications, select the dose to be administered, determine the target to be treated and the neighboring organ to be protected. They will consult with you before treatment to get to know your medical history, and explain the conditions and effects of the treatment. During your treatment, there will be a weekly consultation to monitor the effectiveness and tolerance of your radiotherapy and provide answers to your questions.

After the treatment, they will monitor you regularly, through a clinical and radiological consultation conducted by your other physicians. They will keep your general practitioner and specialists physicians informed about the progress of your treatment. The physicians at the Proton Therapy Center are on duty daily. Do not hesitate to call on them if you have an urgent problem.



Specialists in the physics of rays applied to medical treatments, in collaboration with your referring radiotherapist and the dosimetry technicians, they select the best irradiation ballistics. They ensure the quality and reproducibility of the radiation beam and they check the beam shaping systems. They are involved daily in internal developments aimed at improving the accuracy, comfort and quality of your treatment.


The health framework

They organize the treatment of patients in collaboration with the medical team and the physics team. They manage the team of handlers and medical assistants for which they are responsible. They are the point of contact for the patient and his/her loved ones for questions about the treatment.


The medical electroradiology handlers

They take care of you as soon as you arrive at the Proton Therapy Center and inform you about the various steps in your treatment. They build the restraint system which will help keep you immobile. They help to place you in position accurately each day, they check the quality of the beam and help establish the dosimetry. They know your medical file well, and they monitor you throughout treatment.


The anesthesia team: anesthesiologists and specialized nurses.

For young children who don’t like to be held still, general anesthesia may be required. A pre-operative assessment (blood sample, electrocardiogram, radiography, etc.) is conducted before the first proton therapy session. There is a consultation with the anesthesiologist to prepare for a safe surgery.


The medical assistant

She/he manages your entire file. She/he takes care of administrative formalities and helps you book your accommodation. The medical assistant is available for you during the entire treatment period and sends your information to the various physicians caring for you, with your consent and that of the physician at the Proton Therapy Center.


The receptionist

She/he welcomes you to the Proton Therapy Center, organizes your appointments and helps you find your way around the center. Each week she/he will inform you of your appointments and give you your documents for reimbursement of transportation costs.


The technical team: engineers, technicians, computer scientists

The aim of the technical department is to develop and maintain the machine and the treatment rooms. It controls the proton beams in real time.
Mechanics build the personalized accessories used for the treatments and help develop the beam shaping systems.