Hôpital - Saint-Cloud
Spécialités / domaines
Anesthésiologie réanimation chirurgicale
Functions within Institut Curie:
  • Practitioner
    Anesthésie Réanimation Douleur - Anesthésie

Aline Albi-Feldzer is an anesthetist specialized in treating patients with cancer. She studied medicine at Cochin hospital and practiced there for several years. She then joined Institut Curie in 2004.

She is involved in several clinical research projects into post-operative pain and particularly chronic pain following breast surgery. For ten years, she has been involved in developing the outpatient service which she heads and is also a member of the SFAR outpatient group.

Dr Albi-Feldzer is active in the fight against nosocomial infections and is vice-president of the CLIN