Hôpital - Paris
Spécialités / domaines
Oncologie médicale
Functions within Institut Curie:
  • Practitioner
    D3I - Immunothérapie

Dr. Romano is a physician-scientist specializing in oncoimmunology, early-phase clinical trials, melanoma, and breast cancers. Since October 2015, she serves as the Medical Director of the Center for Cancer Immunotherapy at the Institut Curie in Paris to foster the development of immunotherapies with a strong translational research component. From 2011 to 2015, Dr. Romano worked as attending physician at the Service of Oncology, University Hospital of Lausanne and as group leader of the Laboratory of Tumor Immunobiology at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.

She completed her studies at the University La Sapienza and the National Cancer Institute of Rome - Italy, and subsequently joined the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York for a postdoctoral training in tumor immunology. Her research interests lie in the direct interrogation of the human tumor microenvironment by multiple biological and bioinformatics means, with the goal to elucidate immune-protective and immune-escape mechanisms, and develop and implement new modalities to use the immune system to treat cancer.