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Judith is from Guadeloupe and earned a Ph.D. in Structural and Functional Biology from the University of Paris-Descartes that she carried out at Saint-Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis (United States). She pursued her first postdocdoral training at the Curie Institute where she studied mechanisms associated with enzymes involved in microtubules post-translational modifications. She performed her second postdoctoral training at the Pasteur Institute to work on the homologous protein of tubulin in prokaryotes. She then decided to orientate her career towards supporting researchers, and joined the team in 2021 as the laboratory scientific officer. Her work consists mainly in supporting the team leader as well as all team members on a daily basis, managing team collaborations, coordinating funding applications as well as assisting with the organization and logistics of the team.

The HHIP-AS1 lncRNA promotes tumorigenicity through stabilization of dynein complex 1 in human SHH-driven tumors
Nature Communications
Jasmin Bartl, Marco Zanini, Flavia Bernardi, Antoine Forget, Lena Blümel, Julie Talbot, Daniel Picard, Nan Qin, Gabriele Cancila, Qingsong Gao, Soumav Nath, Idriss Mahoungou Koumba, Marietta Wolter, François Kuonen, Maike Langini, Thomas Beez, Christopher Munoz, David Pauck, Viktoria Marquardt, Hua Yu, Judith Souphron, Mascha Korsch, Christina Mölders, Daniel Berger, Sarah Göbbels, Frauke-Dorothee Meyer, Björn Scheffler, Barak Rotblat, Sven Diederichs, Vijay Ramaswamy, Hiromishi Suzuki, Anthony Oro, Kai Stühler, Anja Stefanski, Ute Fischer, Gabriel Leprivier, Dieter Willbold, Gerhard Steger, Alexander Buell, Marcel Kool, Peter Lichter, Stefan M. Pfister, Paul A. Northcott, Michael D. Taylor, Arndt Borkhardt, Guido Reifenberger, Olivier Ayrault, Marc Remke