Lecturer Sorbonne University
Recherche - Paris
Spécialités / domaines
Multi-scale physics-chemistry-biology and cancer (molecules, cells, tissues and organisms),
Recombinant protein
Functions within Institut Curie:

Biochemist by training, I have been working since my thesis on the structural and functional characterization of membrane proteins by approaches of biophysics and structural biochemistry. Since 2014 I have a position of assistant professor at Sorbonne University where I teach biochemistry, enzymology and metabolism for L1 / L2 and M1 level as well as optional courses in structural biology and receptor biology for biologists and physicists, respectively, in M1. I am carrying out my main research at Institut Curie, in the Molecular Microscopy of Membranes (MMM) team where I am interested in the characterization of the architecture of contact sites constituted by the Vap protein in eukaryotic cells using in vitro approaches. For this I use biomimetic systems that allow membranes to be reconstituted in vitro and I use cryo Electron Microscopy and Electron Cyo Tomography to understand the geometry of the contact. I also carry out part of my research at IMPMC, in the Bioinformatics and Biophysics of Proteins (BIBIP) team, where I am interested in collaboration with Karim Benzerara's team, in the understanding of the metabolic pathway that leads to the formation of intracellular calcium carbonate in cyanobacteria, through the structural and functional characterization of the protein ccya, known to be a key protein in the process.