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Cell biology,
Cellular and Tissue Imaging,
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MC Parrini joined the Institut Curie in 2003. She was a driving force in the initiation and realization of several interdisciplinary collaborations at the interface between cell biology, clinical oncology, biophysics, computer science, and industrial partners. She developed and applied innovative approaches to study cancer cell biology: biosensors, optogenetics, computational methods, and microfabrication/microfluidics. She is a recognized pioneer in the tumor-on-chip technology field.

In vitro bone metastasis dwelling in a 3D bioengineered niche
Weijing Han, Rania El Botty, Elodie Montaudon, Laurent Malaquin, Frederic Deschaseaux, Nicolas Espagnolle, Elisabetta Marangoni, Paul Cottu, Gérard Zalcman, Maria Carla Parrini, Franck Assayag, Luc Sensebe, Pascal Silberzan, Anne Vincent-Salomon, Guillaume Dutertre, Sergio Roman-Roman, Stephanie Descroix, Jacques Camonis
Cancer-associated fibroblast heterogeneity in axillary lymph nodes drives metastases in breast cancer through complementary mechanisms
Nature Communications
Floriane Pelon, Brigitte Bourachot, Yann Kieffer, Ilaria Magagna, Fanny Mermet-Meillon, Isabelle Bonnet, Ana Costa, Anne-Marie Givel, Youmna Attieh, Jorge Barbazan, Claire Bonneau, Laetitia Fuhrmann, Stéphanie Descroix, Danijela Vignjevic, Pascal Silberzan, Maria Carla Parrini, Anne Vincent-Salomon, Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou