Praticien spécialiste des CLCC
Hôpital - Paris
Spécialités / domaines
Médecine nucléaire
Functions within Institut Curie:

Dr. Nina Jehanno is head of the nuclear medicine Department of the Paris site. She is a specialist in nuclear medicine with a specialization in oncology, she holds the cancer DESC, a Master 2 in research and the Onco-rheumatology IUD.

The Curie Institute's Nuclear Medicine service offers a variety of expertise in the imaging of childhood and adult cancers.

Dr. Jehanno is involved in numerous clinical and translational research projects.

She is a member of the French Society of Nuclear Medicine (SFMN), the European Group of soft tissue sarcomas of the child (EpSSG), and the Paediatric Committee of the European Society of Nuclear Medicine (EANM).