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Translational research
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Sergio Roman-Roman is head of the Translational Research Department at Institut Curie in Paris. He received his PharmD and Ph.D. degrees from Granada University (Spain). Before joining Institut Curie in 2007, he held appointments at both Academia (Institut Gustave-Roussy) and Private Companies (Roussel-Uclaf, Aventis, Proskelia Pharmaceuticals, and Galapagos). He is author or coauthor of over 150 peer-reviewed articles (h-index 61). His research interest is focused on translational oncology (biomarkers, target identification/validation, preclinical assessment). He coordinates at Institut Curie a multidisciplinary group of scientists and doctors devoted to uveal melanoma research. Sergio is the current director of the SIRIC Curie.

A catalog of numerical centrosome defects in epithelial ovarian cancers
EMBO Molecular Medicine
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